the list

Between two worlds

Now that we know when we’re leaving it’s all about checking things off the list. 

open house 2

Marketing 101

The last week for us has been an interesting experience in local marketing. 


Injured Reserve

Luckily, I un-stressed myself right before injuring myself…which during our tight timeline surely would have sent me back into the abyss.

when life gives you lemons

Freedom to roam

I may be finally wrapping my mind around this whole freedom thing. 


Summertime flying by

I don’t think i’ve ever gone this long without a blog post since its inception. 

jen fish

Return to VAN

Since Jen’s return its been pretty much life as normal.  


Family beach trip

Our next AirBnB guest was set to stay through memorial day weekend…what better chance to get away.  


the Times

The NY Times.  So big, so global, and yet somehow they find our little casa.   


Cahuita, Costa Rica

We settled in a bit to our temporary home an unwound from a long day of travel. 


More from the Quarter

Another two days of quarter fest and we only wish the fest (and our trip) could last longer. 


Garage sweet home

We’ve been formally living in the garage for about 2 weeks now…and we love it. 



Every few years it seems portland gets completely shut down by a light snowfall. 


the curse of the bathroom

The door install gave us vision of our finished home and we’ve been longing to move in ever since.  Sadly our bathroom …

goal setting

2013, the year in Review

We were invited by a friend to attend a party for the AONC crowd last week.  For those of you who don’t …

sarteneja pier2

Dreams for sale

I can hardly believe i’m writing this post.  We can barely bring ourselves to talk about it, much less write about it- …


Thawing out

Portland temps have been hovering in the 20’s for the last 2 weeks.  Excellent timing for a couple of people who don’t …