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Karma the Dog

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Tunco to Cuco, El Savador

We pull into tunco knowing that it’s a bit too busy for us, but needing to get online again and knowing we …

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Wasting time…

We just passed our 20 day mark outside the bus since dropping it off at the mechanic. 

karma pillow 2

Looking ahead

Our quick 4 day trip north to explore while our bus got a quick four day head retooling has turned out slightly …


Karma comes first

We went into this week with a simple master plan.  It was foolproof, except for all the ways we could see it …

lulus zipolite

Zipolite, Mexico

We are spending our days exploring the small coastal towns and beaches of Oaxaca….and loving it. 

zipolite beach

Zipolite, Mexico

My attitude has improved dramatically from yesterday.  Nothing a good night’s sleep and a day without driving cant cure.  

sarteneja pier2

Orange Walk, Belize

Backpackers Paradise might be paradise for some… but we are starving for the ocean.  

handcrank ferry5

Crossing into Belize

We finally decide that our lack of a plan is the perfect plan for touring belize and make a run for the …

maya rally mariposa

Maya Rally, Senora Mariposa

The Monarch butterfly reserve was on Jen’s list before el Jefe told us we were like a pair of migrating Monarchs and …

leaving baja

Final Days in Baja

Saturday we spend at Geraldo’s waiting for an opening to get our speedometer installed.  Always fun spending time with Rogelio and his …


Leaving is hard work

We are within a week of leaving BC and still realizing how difficult it will be to pull ourselves away from a …