Back at Gaulin

We used the first sign of dropping winds to pull up our anchor and escape the crowded anchorage and run back to our quiet little spot tucked in just south of Gaulin Cay. The wind still has a few more days to die down before we feel like we can move on (either further south or back north to see what we missed in the park…we haven’t decided yet), but its getting to a point where we feel like we can get out and explore.

We were eager to snorkel the rocks that protect this spot from the sound and we simply couldn’t wait to get back to a more private spot without the masses all around us.

daily driver.jpg
bali catamaran interior.jpg
back yard.jpg

We quickly pulled up anchor, slipped back through the cut (a bit more fun this time…now that we knew we’d make it through unscathed) and took our spot again just off N Gaulin Cay. Despite whatever draws the masses to the Majors (those must be some pretty damn entertaining pigs), we found far better protection here and only a 2-3 other boats around (as it turns out, all friends of Ian’s who all brought their kites and are gathering to take advantage of and play in the winds).

We somehow happened into the their “normal” spot and can see why they return here every year. The waters around here are amazing, plenty of options for shelter depending on which way the winds are turning, and tons of opportunity for snorkeling all nearby islands by dinghy without ever having to move the big boat!

Ian is neighborly as always, and as if we aren’t hanging on every word and trying to learn all things about sailing, anchoring etc from him… he also offers to take us out snorkeling/spearing/lobstering. The 20-30 years he has been coming to this same spot have clearly shown him where to go and we were simply thrilled he was willing to take us to a few of his favorites.

tickle beach.jpg
Bahamas blue.jpg

We left dreaming of lobster and came home with not only our first lobster but two huge guys we couldn’t wait to put on the table. We invited Ian over for a happy/appy hour and shared our lobster , were thrilled to see the nurse sharks visit again and once again hung on every word as Ian told stories of his time on the water.

We had decided to move north and check off some of the islands and dive spots we missed in a rush to get here before the storm, but everyone we talk to keeps telling us about the upcoming 5F - the Farmers Festival and Regatta, and how its not to be missed… so we’ll see.

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