Vanlife to Boatlife seemingly overnight?

We’ve been struggling for a while to figure out how to best share our story for those who don’t know us or know how we got to where we are today. Doesn’t help that we are terrified of being in front of the video camera and every time we try something scripted it ends up with us sounding like bumbling idiots… so we tried to go the opposite direction.

We also are trying desperately to log/capture all these memories before they fade away (and recently things have seemed like a blue even to us… so we decided to try logging them in video.
Maybe someone else will find them interesting, or maybe like this blog it will mostly be for us to look back on in future years to remember where we’ve been.

Regardless, we set up the camera, poured ourselves a couple sundowners, made a snack and simply started chatting with a loose topic of trying to remember the whirlwind that was the last few months and how we ended up on a boat. The video below is the result, and while it still has little in the way of talent and very poor audio and editing (were working on improving both)… it turns out this format might actually work for us (no scripting or bulleted lists, no extra takes or redos… just us chatting as naturally as we can with a video camera in our faces).


No promises yet on how many other video will follow, but welcome to “Sundowners with jen+bryan, Episode 1”

Hope you enjoy. Oh, and please be nice!!
If there are specific ideas or loose topics for future sundowner chats… let us know in the comments below! ;)