A break from the action

We continue to put in long hours and days working on the camper. It's actually become a full time job and we're exhausted at the end of each day when we finally get home and crash.  Luckily we live next door to friends so we can make a ritual of a weekly game night (or two) which keeps us sane and breaks up the days.

Last week we reached a point where we realized we needed to step away.  Even when doing something you love it sometimes becomes necessary pull back and take a deep breath.  For jen and i it was a good reminder that my brain and addictive personality can dive into pretty much anything creative and never come up.  Jen has been awesome in jumping in feet first with me, but when she signed up for the camper project im not sure she really had 12hour shop days in mind.   Lately shes been starving (and rightfully so) for more yoga, a few naps, and maybe a movie night.

bry and kelley

clammingdiggingjen bucket8ball squirrel

A few days off at the beach with Kelley was just what the doctor ordered.  We came back a recharged and a bit amped for the final 2 week push on the camper.  Things are still coming along mostly as planned and other than a few stressful moments trying to beat drying glue its been a fun process.

We are still learning as we go and it's really gratifying to watch this thing come together before our eyes.  While the camper is tiny, it isn't exactly a tiny project and could have easily been a several month job.  The 3-4weeks we gave ourselves to complete it might have been a hair shortsighted...

Regardless, things are moving ahead.  The camper is now self standing and we have been working out the kinks in the cabinetry and storage compartments.

curves galley karma test tilt up