Visible Progress on the ADU/Garage conversion

Things have been hectic to say the least.We spend long days onsite at the garage conversion, wishing our new tiny home was ready for us but plugging away so that it can be sooner rather than later.  We got the final inspection signed off, and even while jen took off for a few days to Montana (for a delayed holiday celebration with her mom), I finished framing in the walls, the fireplace was installed, venting/mechanical completed and then the early part of this week was a huge one - Drywall!fire caulkframing insulation2

Wow, what a difference wall surfaces make!  We can almost picture it as a home.  It took only a day to get all the sheets on the wall and the space went through more transition in that 10 hour period than everything done to date.  We of course have to wait for the mudding and taping phase to be completed, but it has taken on a completely different appearance and feel than before.

Hopefully by week's end we'll be painting walls and finishing floors.  After that we can actually look into moving some things in...although lights and running water would also be a nice addition. insulation drywallmud and tapeWe still found a few chances to relax.  Happy hour here, amazing impromptu karaoke night there.  We also had guests this week from out of town.  Doug (our old captain from our week-long sailing course back in vancouver) and his wife Bonny decided to stop in on their way to mexico.

We feel so fortunate to have gotten the lucky draw of Doug as our Cap'n...the learning experience was made terrifically fun and rather than a course it felt like a quick glimpse of how wonderful cruising and life on the water can be.  Great times indeed.  At some point during our drive south we got word that they had fixed up a vw of their own and were heading for mexico for the winter.  Apparently we share a love for both modes of transport!

Awesome to see them even if it was a quick stop over for the night during their trek south.  It's funny just how quickly the desire to pack up and go with them flashed in front of our eyes. We are still having a great time here and far too busy to be wishing we were anywhere else, but seeing them moving around in the westy to make room for the dog's dinner or prepping for bed reminded us of just how simple life in a van is.  Everything goes back to basics. Everything is simple- like it or not.

happy hourbrock karaoke


Where are they planning to get tomorrow?  No idea.  How long are they planning on staying on baja?  No clue.  Sounds like an awesome trip, and just the way we liked to travel.  We spent the evening showing them our project and then reminiscing about our week together on the water and comparing notes on mexico and the beaches we all discovered along the way.  Funny to hear of similar characters and experiences and a real trip down memory lane.

Travel safe you two.  Maybe next year we'll join you for the journey!!karma tikadoug and bonny