Another trip almost lost


Apparently getting out of town this weekend wasn’t meant to be a piece of cake either. The bus went into see mark this week to try and take care of the wiring issue (which we thought would be a day project but since Mark didn’t have it planned we didn’t get the call to pick E up until about 1pm today). I went to get E, stoked that we would finally get a full weekend out of town and relieved we wouldn’t have to tell Mark and Michelle that we would have to rent a car for the trip.

Not so fast- I got about half way home before realizing that E didn’t seem to have a 2nd gear. CMON!
I turned around and took the bus back to Mark, who threw it on the lift and had his dad crawl under to see what was up. Apparently they were going to have to keep the bus and try fixing the clutch.

I called jen to break the news and she had a sudden case of "allergies" strike her right in the tear ducts. Poop. After a really stressful couple hours, we got the call to come pick the bus up at almost 8pm. Apparently every possible point of failure on our clutch had failed at the same time (except for the cable which was so frayed it almost certainly would have given up while driving over the pass on the island). Check another part of the system off the list as replaced.

Better safe than sorry...and in this case (so far)- were still taking off in the morning!