Looking back at a tranquilo August

Hard to believe its already september, but here it is, and here we we sit on the beach in southern baja. Since its the end of the month, we thought it might be a good chance to look back at the journey over the last few weeks...

August: 2,200 miles, 2 countries/6states Trip Total: 3,984 miles, 3 countries/10states

August Standouts: best campground- Santispac, our current home. best sunrise/sunset- Bajia Los Angeles. cheapest meal- 2 ceviche tostadas for $1 in Ensenada. best starscape- the desert outside Catavina. most interesting landscape- the Oasis of San Ignacio. strangest thing- the buzzards in the desert sit on top of the cacti with their wings spread out like a statue of a bird flying.  we thought that they were sunning themselves, but since they are always turned away from the sun our current theory is that they are trying to create a spot of shade to lure in breakfast. coolest thing- sunrise kayaking with a pod of dolphins. biggest surprise- the complete lack of tourists/travelers. (not just americans but of any kind) unforgettable person/people- Matt, a brit traveling the world alone on a motorcyle and John, our first neighbor. wildlife- dozens of baby stingrays and some pufferfish companions, a sea lion, dive-bombing pelicans, 95lb (departed) grouper, a huge moth-bat, yummy mussels, jen's nighttime chipmunk/mexican ninja and of course, our magical dolphin friends. hardest/most difficult- staying cool when the water is the same temperature as the hot air.