Back to VAN

After an odd stop at home   After the coast we made our way back to Portland.  The guests who were supposed to be renting our space left early which meant an odd chance to live with a roof over our heads for a few days.  Such an interesting experience coming "home" (really just laying over) after being gone for so long.  We love our garage-turned-home and couldn't ask for a better neighborhood, but when only stopping in for a few days it literally seems more like a hotel stay than being at home.

Regardless, we made the most of the few days, caught up with friends and neighbors and managed to gather up our backpacking/camping supplies to make sure were better outfitted for the remainder of our summer road trip/exploration.

IMG_0778IMG_0844 We also got a few mornings in at the city, making sure our client projects are on pace and moving ahead.   By far not our favorite part of the job, but all part of making these projects happen.

Our current build is progressing nicely and should be wrapping up in the next week or so...which made it great to stop by and see the progress and details evolving as it gets closer to the finish line.  This will be our first project as zenbox, and the first we've been able to be involved with and manage from start to finish (first client project that is).  Photos of final project coming soon!IMG_0793

While we didn't know anything about it, we made it back to BC just in time for the Vancouver Volleyball Open on Kits beach.  The beach is essentially our back yard while we are in vancouver, as its only a block from where we park the van...meaning this world class pro volleyball event became our primary source of entertainment for a few days.

So inspirational (and humbling) to watch the professionals making the game we struggle with so easy.  Our whole group was clearly motivated and we ended up playing every day for the next 6or7 days after the tourney.IMG_0862IMG_0871IMG_0910