bad karma gets you skunked!


you've got to be kidding me... karma apparently decided that we didn't have quite enough to test our limits right now... 4am and jen wakes up to head inside from the bus for one of her (many) tinkle breaks in the middle of the night. Jen has made likely a dozen of these breaks over the past week and I have accompanied her maybe twice. The dog, never. but this night, for whatever reason we open the door and tell karma to come along...maybe because we know the parents are on the island for the night and there's nobody to disturb. I now feel very disturbed... all inside went great, but on the way out the door karma bolted into the parking lot barking (those of you that know her also know this isn't typical karma behavior) and got quickly rewarded for her efforts by getting sprayed directly in the face. We can now say from first hand experience that this stuff is indeed as bad as its made out to be. After recovering our senses (most of them anyway) we hop online to find remedies. Apparently the tried and true method is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dawn dishsoap, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. At this point I would have bathed our dog in 3lbs of champagne and caviar if you told us there was a chance it would work. Jen heads to the shoppers drug mart knowing that they are open 24/7 - only to find out that every shoppers in town is sold out due to the high number of skunk attacks this week. Really? Were in Vancouver, BC. Didn't I leave the south to avoid this type of thing?? Jen heads to the Vet ER for the pricey but proven commercial de-skunk mixture (I'm guessing the first two ingredients are caviar and champagne) instead while I keep Karma from skunking up our couch and bed and try to keep from hurling at the sheer smell of her, or now our apartment. Easier said than done. Jen's home with the goods, lets hope this works.