Bajia Los Angeles


Back on the Sea of Cortez

We spent one more day in Ojo de Liebre coming down from our whale watching experience.  We stop among the dehydrating salt flats to search for fossils, shells and sharks teeth (a bit of indiana jones without the whip or being chased by natives), and to pickup a giant sea salt crystal in exchange for a tip to the guard at the gate.

We've heard the salt is to die for, and this crystal should keep all of us stocked well past our next visit with the whales.

mist ojocamp ojofossils salt flats Afterword, we make the long desert drive over to the other side towards Bajia Los Angeles.  When Ben initially asked about joining us in Baja; Bahia was one of two beaches we described as life changing and also happened to be north enough to make it a "reasonable" drive down for him.  The whales and the solitude of ojo...that was just a bonus we hadn't anticipated for his trip.

Last time we visited Bajia it was early in our trip and we still had the remote beach to ourselves.  We spent several completely silent days staring out at the bay and watching the epic sunrises highlight the outlines of the islands just offshore.

This time it's high season and the camp sites (at least the ones still left in tact after the hurricane) are all filled with other campers and RVs.  Sadly, that also included 2 or 3 who came down specifically to ride their quads all around the bay.  A bit loud for our tastes, especially compared to how we enjoyed the bay last time... but still a great stop and a few more fun days with our friends.


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Luckily, the sunrises were just as epic as last time and there were also a few humpback whales dancing around the bay while we were here...making our stay completely worth the drive. Jim also found a kayak for the day, which gave us each an excuse to take a paddle out into windy choppy waters, and it got us all out for a sunset stroll up the beach to return it.

After our second near perfect sunrise, we finally move north, and back to the pacific.  We find a small campground among the dunes and call it home.  We were the only ones there on a miles wide beach.  The wind made time on the beach difficult, but we tucked the cars together as a windbreak for the guys' tents and settled in.  It's too cloudy for much of a sunset, so we sit on top of the dunes entertained by karma and a bit of kamikaze fetch in the soft sand of the dunes around us.

After we get chilled we tuck behind our wind wall for yet another delicious meal and warm up by a not-so-late night campfire and some tequila.

In the morning we bid adieu to the pacific coast of baja, knowing it was our last time (for this trip).  It's off to ensenada and then inland toward mexican wine country.