Between two worlds

Now that we know when we're leaving it's all about checking things off the list.  We've done this before.  Been through the experience of literally wrapping up life at home in order to take off for an extended trip.  We should remember the feeling.  But it feels as if it's the first time all over again.  The chasm between our life at home and the one we have when on the road.  The events continually popping up on the calendar that make us wish we could stay, the change in weather and things awaiting us that makes us ready to go.  The impossibly long list of things to do and tasks to finish. This time we are somewhat better prepared and know better what has to be done but it doesn't make the list any shorter.  It's almost impossible to remember what life was like and what we needed while away.  Here it's freezing outside and we bundle up every time we step outdoors.  Back at the bus we are going to be shedding all clothing and running for the ocean to cool off.  We know there's a set of parts needed for the bus and a whole list of things we planned to bring back from home- but we cant for the life of us remember what most of those things are.

This time we've also added the complexities of leaving not only our home but also our fledgling business behind for several months.  Who even knows what that means to our to do list...

Our Portland ADU Design clients are exactly what we would have hoped if we drew them out on paper.  They are our neighbors and peers.  People who, like us are looking for opportunities to get more value out of their living situation.  Seeking their own "creative home use plan".  We have a few garage conversions, a basement remodel and a new ADU build from the ground up.  All small homes and all people we see eye to eye with; and are excited to be partnering with in the process.  We are still figuring out the business in terms of paperwork, finances, etc- but we are having a blast so far.

We will be doing design work from the road and communicating via email and facetime and it only just occurred to us that last time we were on the road this is exactly the type of thing we thought was impossible for us.  We time and time again ran into people who were working remotely.  Who had found a way to travel and make at least some money while away.  We looked at our old jobs and our skillsets and thought that was impossible.  We couldn't imagine what that would look like for us.  Now, we find ourselves prepping for travel and forced to take work on the road without even having planned for it to be the case.  This "job" that we decided to do for fun seems to have even more benefits than we imagined.

We are constantly reminded that there are no bad choices in life, especially when you're making them for happiness.  No wrong directions... we are simply along for the ride.

puzzle erins yard sketchcity

We obviously cannot build furniture from the road, so those projects needed more "closure" before we depart. Somehow on top of our design work, we ended up with multiple furniture orders due just before leaving.

The first batch of steel was delivered for our largest stool order yet (85 stools headed for SanFran) and seeing that enormous pile of metal made me instantly thrilled that I sought out help for fabrication for the first time.  If I kept working alone I'd be in the shop everyday from now until march and still not have the job finished in time.  We also have an entry table, a smaller order of stools as well as a custom kitchen "bar" and stools made from bamboo.  That piece is an exciting new direction for us and unlike anything I've made before.  Sadly, i allowed myself to put it off and now my procrastination is biting me as the number of days left rapidly wanes.

Our last week has been filled with long days in the shop scheduled around client meetings and evenings with friends that we aren't yet ready to say goodbye to (and surely still wont be when we leave).

The pieces are turning out great and I'm having a blast...right up until i remember our deadline/departure date.  Things are moving along as scheduled and we'll make it out, but it adds a certain pressure that isn't needed.  Regardless, we leave the shop each day feeling really accomplished and good about what we've made.  steelfurniture

notches planningbar detailthe listOnce we get home in the evenings our minds turn to things we have to have done before the trip.  Karma's documentation, proof of insurance and licenses, making sure things are wrapped up for AirBnB guests and trying to sell the mini and the teardrop (no luck on those two).

The list seems almost endless but we're slowly checking things off.  It would probably happen more quickly if we kept from booking almost every evening with friends but we just cant help ourselves...we miss them already and have to soak up as much time with everyone as we can!  As days turn into hours left- it seems like we're leaving forever.  Luckily, this time we know that's not true.  We may be leaving for months at a time, but somehow knowing that we have a home base to return to is key.

At least for me, it's a peaceful reminder that we have a life, a home, neighbors and friends to return to.  It makes the travel more appealing regardless of how long the list is before leaving.  The simple fact that our other life will continue here makes leaving it all behind easier.  I'm looking forward to experiencing life on the road with that knowledge.  To moving day to day from place to place and living a life of exploration; but knowing that at the end of the road lies home and the (other) life we love.