Boise, ID

Not a very exciting day, and cant say its really blog-worthy- but since we called uncle and find ourselves bellying up at a bar in Boise for the wifi (technically to look for a camp spot, but more to soak up the A/C and return our core body temps to somewhat normal)...

We headed out early this am to try and beat the heat, but the joke was on us.  It was in the 90s before we left the casino parking lot around 8am.  Yes, we are tragically aware that 90 isn't really that hot and that we are headed for far hotter experiences, but we are from the northwest and until last week it was mostly winter.  Were still acclimating.  seriously.

Add to that the fact we essentially drive a tin can whose only source of comfort is a mild flow of the hot air surrounding us and the contact between our skin and the vinyl seat essentially creates a sweatbox.  On the upside, we might have shed 5lbs during the drive.

Stopped at Farewell Bend campground to give the bus a break midday and thought Karma could play in the water and we could nap in the shade.  Turns out the "beach" near the water was lined with dead catfish baking in the sun and the shade was thick with mosquitoes (thanks for the warning Dan and Cinda).  We huddled inside the bus for a few hours trying to avoid the heat and getting a few minutes of shuteye before growing impatient and getting back on the road.  Improved bugscreening and ventilation just catapulted to the top of our to-do list.

Apparently it reached 101 at some point and even as we pull into boise around 6pm its still 96.  This combined with a sagebrush missile attack hit dead-on by a wind-gust through the plains and it was an interesting afternoon.  While the bus may be small, its side profile is like a semi and when we got blown across a full 2 lanes of traffic i had flashbacks of the trucks i've seen laying on their side during trips through wyoming.

We slide out of the bus drenched from head to toe and stagger down the sidewalk looking for wifi, a snack and potentially A/C.  Now, here we sit in an irish bar with free wifi, $2 drinks (and who eagerly invited Karma indoors with us).  The way things are going we may simply sleep under a table...i see an overlooked 6top in the back with our names all over it.