Brock and Kelly come to VAN

We got a much needed reprieve from day to day life this weekend as Brock and Kelly made their second annual Presidents day trip to VAN!

Pretty rainy weekend in VAN, and we didn't have as much time as we would have liked, but that will always be the case with these two.  We did however soak up the time to its fullest potential.
Gave them the royal tour around Vancouver in the back of the bus (in true style) and even got over for a tasting at our favorite VAN brewery Storm Brewing.

Obviously when Brock visits, there has to be some Hockey... and the weekend made for the perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy Hockey Night in Canada at the local pubs.  Go canucks (and go avs...sorry brock)!  We also spent considerable time playing oh hell in our damp little bach.  For such a simple card game, we just cant seem to get enough.  At whatever point we decide to call an end to the cards we inflate the portable mattress (taking up what little floor space the apartment has) and you can literally step from bed to inflatable mattress and mattress to couch...good thing we all enjoy each other and don't mind the tight confines.

We certainly look forward to continuing this annual tradition in future years and making our togetherness an annual holiday...