Chillin' in El Anclote, Punta Mita

Its funny what living in a van does to reset your appreciation of the little luxuries in life…

Here we are in an empty real estate office that has only one light, a sink with a trickle of water and a toilet.  And if you ask us, we are living like royalty because it also includes a/c and and 100x more space than we are used to.  Yes, its' still hot and since we have to pay for the (very expensive) electricity, we choose to only run the a/c at night for a good sleep.  Yes, its a bit tough to go refill our shower at the outdoor faucet and hoist it back up into the palapa ceiling for a rinse-off, and yes we wish we didn't have to walk across the street and pop the canopy every time we want to cook anything more than ceviche… and YES, we are loving every minute of our temporary ability to call someplace home.

 We view a palapa roof from the sliding glass door, which can only be beat by the ocean view from the window- and we fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of the ocean. All day we receive a nice mix of mexican and north american tunes from the restaurant below us, and the vendors continue to provide entertainment value whenever we leave our casita.
We actually have somewhat of a routine now that every day doesn't start out with a discussion about whether to stay or hit the road.  Wake up, load up the boards and head over to our favorite break to paddle out (still hasn't been much in the way of swell, but at least were getting our reps and water time in).  Back home for some ceviche and spend the day watching the ocean, drawing/planning a painting, a bit of yoga, picking up produce and fish for the next day, playing the guitar and of course contemplating the next blog post.

 In the evenings we have been able to walk around the town and talk with the locals and thursday evening saw a tennis date at the country club with Dean and Yumiko followed by tacos.  Apparently table tennis skills do not transfer to actual tennis…but we had a blast nonetheless (and i will blame some of my bad play on the lack of shoes).
Everyone in town knows who we are, and even those we haven't met tell us how nice our kombi is.  I guess word travels fast.  We also continue to get offers for local apartments, one of which is tempting us to stay for a whole month after our week is through (meaning any of you who are thinking about heading south for a visit have ample time to plan, book and make the trip.).

 We look forward to continued surf sessions, creative inspiration and fresh seafood in the days to come.