Dangerversary, Round Three

Well, its official. Three years betrothed.

Our anniversary happens to fall on Canadian Thanksgiving, so its awesome to have the day off, and even more awesome that the entire country took time to celebrate and give thanks for our love all day.
We haven't exchanged gifts on any occasion for the last few years, but decided to give our own thanks by breaking the other part of our saving plan for the night and headed out and live life like we used to...hitting the town for an evening of fine beverages and cuisine. Gastown here we come!

Started our festivities at Salt in blood alley. oddly enough, when we first moved to VAN we lived less than two blocks from this place and were totally interested but never made it. Its about time. We bellied up for a BC wine flight fantastically paired with local cheeses and condiments. From there we felt destined to head over to our peeps at the Diamond, but since they were close we sought out new ground and asked the advice of those pouring our wine.

Their suggestions were shut for the holiday as well, so a few minutes later we are walking into the Keefer.

Known more for its hotel (really, for the glass bottom pool in its penthouse suite), but with an equally impressive bar on the ground floor. Being that most everyone was sitting around a table at home eating turkey, we had the place to ourselves. No crowd gave us an opportunity to chat with the ladies behind the bar. This place is uber-groovy and is decked out in a swanky Chinese-apothecary motif with herbs (and other unrecognizable objects) soaking in jars, tinctures lining the bar and back lit x-rays lighting the washrooms. well done.

We had a great time and stayed for a drink more than we planned simply because the ladies were a ton of fun. One had just returned from a year on the Seychelles tending bar in a private resort and soaking up the sun (and couldn't wait to get back to VAN). The other is in culinary school and learning to tend bar so that she can land a job on a sailboat and head for the islands herself. We had plenty to talk about!

Decided on the way home to stop at Ouisies Bistro because we couldn't stop thinking about a dish we had eaten there last year. They make a spicy Caribbean chicken dish that's basically covered in habanero/jerk seasoning that has to be the best chicken Ive ever tasted. It Doesn't hurt that this place makes what is without question the best sazerac Ive ever tasted and pairs their meals with an awesome cornbread. All of which is really saying something since they actually haven't been to New Orleans, but still manage to pull off a completely convincing 'nawlins theme.

Delectable evening all the way around.
Now the big question is whether we can successfully return to our savings plan for the remainder of the winter after tasting the good life. Time to go search for the next groupon deal...