Dia de La Revolución!


We are excited about many things in the coming days, but among them the fact that we are moving into holiday season in mexico.  With holiday season comes many colorful and celebratory fiestas and with those come many photo opps. We seem to remember reading or hearing somewhere that the 20th was Revolution Day, a celebration of the fateful day in 1910 when pueblos across the country rallied to stand up against the current government.  While the event was actually quite disorganized (like any good mexican revolution should be) it began the momentum that eventually led to their freedom (10 years later). Part of what i love most about about mexico is that no matter how small the town or how small the chance/reason/excuse for a fiesta- they will find a way to make it larger than life.  Jen and i were chillin' in bed finishing up a breakfast pupusa (more about this later in central america...but spoiler alert, but the pupusa is like the world's smartest food) working on the last blog post when the clatter on the street forced jen to leap from the bed and see what the ruckus was all about.  She immediately told me to grab the cameras and ran for the door.

Within seconds we are on the street watching what might be the cutest mini-parade we have ever seen.  Every class/school mother and father close to punta mita gathered their children and dressed them up in something related to the revolución.  In the case of the group of weightlifters, we would say vaguely related...  Not for tourists, not advertised, not a single piece of candy thrown, merely a chance to pay respects to history and have a really good time.

The children were unspeakably adorable and while the parade only lasted all of 3 minutes we couldn't help but snap photos like wildfire.  Bring on the holidays!!