Eastern Oregon

Didn't feel quite right to leave town and not head straight to the beach and south toward the border…but the first leg of our journey takes us east to UT and CO to say hello and goodbye to some friends.

Getting out of portland took a bit longer than expected but really no longer than any other trip.
The first few hours had a bit of a surreal feel. Is this really it? isn't there someone to stop us and tell us it can't be done? whats going to happen? where will we sleep tonight? why did this take us so long??
before long, its just like any other trip through the gorge, amazed at the beauty of the columbia and the cliffs and grasslands that carve out its path and if you're jen, taking photos of every windmill (she just can't get enough of these giants).

we had to pull off road in the heat of the day as we were worried the bus would start running too hot, but it was a welcome rest for all of us sitting under a shade tree in the park. the temp started dropping as we hit the road again and we decided Pendleton was far enough for our first day. We had to make the call between the local rv park, the walmart parking lot (which we understand always allows campers, but doesn't hold much appeal to us) and the local casino…no contest. Tried our hand at the craps table, which was abysmal, had a drink while watching the comedy show and then out to the bus for dinner.

Got out just in time for a major electrical storm that turned out to be the headliner for the night. This type of weather simply doesn't happen in Portland and Vancouver and we loved sitting and watching nature's fireworks. No sooner than getting dinner off the burner and our chairs started blowing away and the storm was clearly upon us. Got inside just fast enough to not get drenched and the wind and torrential rain rocked the bus like 4 of Pendelton's comboys were standing outside and shoving back and forth for a while.

By the time we fell asleep the storm had passed, the windows were open again and things were back to peace and calm.
Keep calm and Drive on.