El Cuco, still...

Well, so much for plans...Our eternal intent to leave this place seems flawed.  We got up this morning and packed up camp fully intending to leave Cuco.  We drove north to the local point break on our way out of town, figuring it was worth a look before leaving.  We got a bit lost and gave up, but just as we were pulling a u-turn to leave town Tom and his crew come by in their truck waving for us to follow them to the break. So close… we almost made it out of town.

DCIM113GOPROGOPR3794. flores2 flores fish work

Somehow that turned into us paddling out, which turned into maybe the best day of surf we've ever had, which turned into (of course) a decision to head back to camp and stay yet another night.

On the drive back we stopped in the local pueblo for some produce, to refill our water and buy some fish.   Then we setup camp, i got some design work done while jen grilled an amazingly decadent meal with our harvest and we ate by the glow of palms lit by christmas lights.  Maybe not your traditional christmas feast...but it certainly worked for us!

At this this point i can’t honestly say whether we’ll ever leave this place (at least until the discoteca opens - that would for sure send us flying up the road).  But…since we’re still here killing time, here’s a few more photos of our current happy place, and from ours to yours…

here's wishing you all a very, very merry christmas!!