attack of el gripe

So bry's been in bed with el gripe for the past 2days so dangerlife has not been über eventful.

There have been some highlights for me.  (Note there are no highlights to speak of for bryan except that he's feeling better as I write this)  but for me:  daily yoga sessions, guitar strumming, playing with karma in the ocean, lots of culinary experiments in this big lovely kitchen in the apartment we have rented,  agua fresca de pineapple, fresh salsas and homemade corn tortillas to name a few.  Yep, i made tortillas and they were awesome.  Im basically a mexicana now.
Our new apartment is quite comf.  King size bed, big cool shower, tons of windows and ceiling fans means lots of fresh air keeping us cool during the hot afternoons.  The view from the roof palapa is a pretty sweet experience.  The part of the punta mita bay that we sit on faces south, meaning both sunrise and sunset occurs over beautiful jungle, pretty extraordinary.  Overall it's been muy tranquilo and very relaxing and rejuvenating.  The surf has been small, but I've paddled out a couple times anyway just because I can.  Last evening I only caught one wave.  But hey that's one wave more than most of the other days in my life.  And the hour and a half in the water watching the sun go down was not so bad.  Wink.Bryan checking in--  Wow- that sounds amazing...certainly compared to the two days that just bypassed me as i spent them in bed.  That said, my highlights included the constant awareness that could have been sick while sweltering in the bus but instead did so in a king bed surrounded by a cool breezy apartment.  A far better choice.  I also got to reap the benefits of superjen's culinary experiments.  Healthy homemade meals have been our norm, but the creativity accompanying the full kitchen abounds.  Earlier today I was handed an avocado coconut pancake as a snack (and yes, it was delicious).
I also felt good enough this afternoon to leave the apartment, jump in the ocean and even made a bit of headway on the background for a painting- so all in, not too bad and given our monthlong stay there's plenty of time to catchup on other pieces I spent the last two days thinking about (oh, and catch a few of the waves out our front window).  We also went out to catch the ducks game, but I surrendered after halftime and returned to bed.

We're both hoping I feel better enough in the morning to make our planned trip to Guadalajara.  We've been excited for a while about the VW show and meeting new people there and reconnecting with the paparazzi, but as it stands the 4+ hour drive sounds a bit painful.

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