Ending Where it all Began

So here we are sleeping (okay, at least one of us) in a parking lot near Seattle.
Truly luxurious living this plan of ours…and yet we couldn’t be more excited.

We spent our last two nights in VAN at the JnA B&B and hanging out on Main street.  We have always heard what a great section of town this is, but Jen and I have never seemed to wander further than a few blocks from home (unless it’s to get to the beach).  Josh and Allison spoiled us with an amazing homemade pizza feast the first night, and the next day we all watched the Euro final with a packed crowd at their favorite bar, the Cascade.  Note to self - schedule tattoo appointments in the morning, or at the very least not on Canada day (especially one that overlaps with sporting event final)…the no drinking rule doesn’t quite fit.

Game didn’t turn out exactly as Josh (or the entire country of Italy) had hoped, but by the time we hit the street it was only partly cloudy and we could see blue skies.  Plenty enough reason for us so we ran back to the bus, grabbed the volleyball net and hit Kits beach for a final afternoon of volleyball! We had originally planned on sticking around VAN this weekend because we thought a few days of sleeping in the bus and playing vball sounded perfect- problem is, this is the coldest (and wettest) June in VAN history, and the weekend was forecast for nothing but rain. 

This opportunity was a true parting gift from the weather gods, and within 10 minutes of setting up nets we had nothing but blue and sun.  Perfect!

After vball we started packing up and putting the surfboard back on top so we could head to my tattoo appt, but got a call 15min prior letting me know there had been a scheduling snafu.  Apparently I'd be getting touched up in the morning instead, and our early morning departure for Portland would be a bit later.  Guess I should have called to confirm a fifth time after all… On the upside, our host were willing to extend our stay for another night and we get another evening in with friends.  I got to play on Canada Day after all.

 Took off this morning for Gastown and parked <ironically> in the same spot where we stopped 2 years ago when Jen took the call and got the offer from Lulu.  Grabbed a quick bite, and I sat for some inkwork while Jen ran errands.  We had Baileys vehicle from the night before, so Jen and Bay got in a quick lunch, we had a sniffly goodbye and hit the road.

Vancouver (and Canada at large), we thank you for the good times... 
We especially thank you for beach volleyball, a handful of amazing people that we treasure and with whom we will remain lifelong friends, for Hockey (which we are oddly passionate about), for your friendliness and you constant abbreviations, Eh’s and Toques and for the green monster pizza. 

We will not however miss your lack of left-hand turn lanes, your $14 martinis and $5 PBRs…those, you can keep.