E's new look

Jen has been trying to get me to spray paint graffiti on the bus since we finished the body work.  As we sit here in Punta de Mita running out of things to paint on and creativity abounds...it seems it may be time.  The rally also gives us a good excuse to do something different, even if we paint right over it at the finish line and return to our discreet stealth appearance.  The rally has actually been inspring a couple smaller pieces as well, but those are still in the works... The back of the bus received a reminder of our mantra.

The side is now adorned with a danger-worthy skull and crossbones (combined with a nod to our oregon ducks even if we still hang our heads at their recent stumble...).

Spray painting your vehicle seems to attract a lot of attention, especially from the local surf instructors who are big fans of the changes.

We are still assessing whether the current look is complete or whether a set of racing stripes is in order. so people know has fast we are...of course.

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