Farmers Market

Our waves didn't stick around for long.  Just a quick glimpse and then back to flat waters.It's officially high season here now,  so hopefully they'll be back for good soon.

We know its high season because the street outside our window is no longer empty.  The same street that used to hold just the bus and no other vehicles for most of the week now has no vacant spaces most every day.  This changes the town a bit, but since we seldom leave the apartment it doesn't much effect us.  The age and demographic has changed dramatically in the last week or so and we once again remember how odd it is to see vacationers come and go from nearby condos and resorts.

Jen's still creating tasty experiments in the kitchen.  This last few days saw some amazing coconut macaroons, a cheesecake, jalapeño cornbread and tonight a cornmeal crust pesto pizza.  If she keeps this up I may never be willing to move back into the bus!

We headed to one of the nicer restaurants on the strip last night for the game.  Ate at the bar in front of the screen and met a large group from colorado including a few VW guys from Ft Collins. That was enough fodder for conversation through easily the first half!  In addition to those passing through on their week of vaca, we also keep meeting the locals.  It remains all too easy to make friends here... everyone is content and happy to be back home as they return from their visits back (to wherever they are from) to escape the hot season.

This morning we hit the farmers/craft market in the next town over.  La Cruz sits on a new marina but otherwise is a quaint small mexican town with a lot of charm.  The market was much larger than we anticipated and really drew the gringo crowd out of the woodwork (including us).  We picked up our staple veggies, cheeses, hot sauces for the week and finally return exhausted to the main road to flag down a bus.

Walking around for a few hours in the heat of the day is harder work than we'd like to admit.   We realize of course that the first week of the market here probably coincides with the last weeks of the market back home.  That thought (and the recent emails rolling in with photos of snow) remind us to enjoy the heat and sweat regardless.

 I also finished the second painting this weekend.  I was pretty excited to get this one underway as i had scored a pretty cool piece of scrap wood in town for 50cents and thought it would make a nice backdrop.  The painting didn't turn out as well as i had hoped/planned, but the wood is still cool.   Im now trying to decide whether to start another this week or merely do some experimentation with different styles.  Tomorrow we will likely head back into Vallarta for our other windshield so it's good time to pickup more supplies for whatever path the creative spirit takes.


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