always a favorite...  We were watching the storm move in from the pacific but it appeared we safely had another day to make it Mt Baker before the meat of the storm hit, so we stopped over in central washington to camp at feathers.  We used to frequent this place for rock climbing and concerts every summer and now its tough for us to drive anywhere near by without at least stopping for some photos...better yet camping and/or climbing.

We didn't even have our harnesses or climbing shoes with us (blame the all-too-quick rebuild of the van and pack job before leaving town) so climbing was out of the question... but we stood by the fire for the evening watching the climbers on the wall and reminiscing as the sun faded behind the pillars that make up the crag.

We have had so many good memories here.  So many campfires with friends, so many deep conversations over those fires.  So many memories.  Recently it seems we only find ourselves here alone together.  Just the two of us.  Sometimes we meet a new friend in a climber wrapping up their day on the wall but more often than not those day end like today, with everyone taking in one mast top out while the sun sets, then cleaning their gear and scurrying off home, presumably having to get back to town for work in the morning.

We coast into sunset talking about all those about times here before the winds picked up even more than before the sun dropped (which is saying something) and started howling past the van and the fire so we extinguished the fire as quickly and safely as we could and retreated to the safety of the van.  Couldn't help but be disappointed that we didn't get the awning installed again before this trip... this windstorm would have been some proper testing! ;)

Back inside the warmth of the van (did I mention how happy we are to have heat again??) jen worked up one of those miracle meals that tastes so exquisite you shouldn't be able t make it at home, much less in the confines of the van after a few days of driving.  She's truly magical that one...and also very good at making delicious meals.

We enjoyed a terrific night's sleep and woke well rested for our now short drive to Mt Baker.  Bring on the snow!!!