Final Departure

It's finally arrived. its D Day.
True, our journey has already begun, but the first stop was Portland, which is home (even if we call it only passing through and pretend that it isnt).

But now we are leaving. The last week saw us checking off needed to-dos at rapid fire while our friends go to work (or summer camp).  Last minute to do list:
-Vaccinations for Us and the dog.
-Buy an extinguisher (we had to emergency use ours on a neighbors house fire last weekend).
-Fill up the bus water tank.
-Rainex the front windows (e has no windshield wipers).
-Install cup holders.
-Stock the pantry with camping food and drink.
-Download new tunes.
-Get our hands on a Spanish-English dictionary.
-Build 2 tables.
-Clean camera lens.
-Call all companies and set up paperless communication.
-Get oregon drivers license (oops mr dangers license expired on his bday).
-Oregon/US auto insurance.

Yesterday saw the final unload/reload of the bus before hitting the road.  Certainly we will have other long stops along the way but this one made us think "normal" life was continuing on.  Today we have a final farewell breakfast and drive away.  SO sad to leave but at the same time we are so eager, so excited, so ready to get truly underway that it may be the first time we pull away from Portland without a single tear shed.

Today we are nomads and tonight we are homeless.
Who knew that maybe the proudest moment of my life to date would be saying that i'm officially homeless and living in a van.  Life tells a funny story...and i look forward very much to this chapter.