Football and Art

I'd really like to say that we aren't crazy obnoxious football fans, I would. I mean, its only a game after all. but i think the fact that we have been almost counting the days until opening kickoff reveals our true self. There's a chance that its only because we are living in a city where we know almost nobody and can't leave the house due to our savings plan...but our excitement level for the Ducks is borderline psychotic (and frankly was long before we deported ourselves)... It feels somewhat better to remind myself that, were we still in Portland, we would have bought season tickets (or at least gotten on the list for them) and attended every game we could buy. So its okay that we get a bit excited from afar... and we are saving money after all. Ah, sweet justification. Regardless...we are who we are, and luckily opening day is upon us. We shall wait no more. Even more fortuitous- due to the huge venue of our opening game with LSU, the game will be covered here in Canadia. For those of you who haven't lived here, Canada dislikes things from the US that appear to infringe upon the profits of similar companies based in Canada. ESPN happens to be one of those entities and has been banned from Canadian airspace. Literally. While we can watch all the NFL we want (quite a big following here) and certainly could watch canadian football if we found it even slightly football is almost an impossibility. Today's game will be a gift... Unlike most of the games last year where we have to stream the game on the interweb and put up with video freezes and poor quality, this one will enter our home in full clarity and masterful beauty. finally, I know why we didn't yet sell the TV! We also decided to endulge with some fried chicken as our game food to recreate the experience of our games in Portland. Ah, Reel 'm In. We miss your stiff drinks and chicken -n- jojos. Now lets just hope the outcome of the game is an equal gift. Im a bit worried about this one as we have alot of new kids on the team, and if we lose this one it may well be the end of the Ducks Natty hopes. Gulp. Did I talk enough about football? Wow. I would apologize, but I warned you in the first line of the post. Those of you that kept reading you have only yourself to blame! The rest of our weekend (and the last several evenings) has been spent on Artwork. Brock and Kelly asked me to create a painting for their wedding that could be a backdrop at the ceremony, but also could be taken apart and given as gifts to those who help out with the wedding. Aspens will be a theme at their wedding (as will handmade items from their friends), so we are trying to paint an aspen grove. Hopefully the final product will look something like trees. Sadly, we waited quite a while to have this idea, so now jen and I have been in a cutting frenzy to get this out the door before we take off next week! Its been fun though. Nice to feel the creative spirit again! A few of the process pics are above, as well as the final panels (although not yet mounted, as we have to fit this thing in the bus for the road trip). I know i say this after finishing every painting, but hopefully this will prompt me to do more of this... sadly, my artwork goals are far from being realized. GO DUCKS!