for the love of Tequila

both the drink and the town.

We made the quick trip from tonala to tequila and pulled in with giant smiles on our faces.  Our shortest road day in weeks, a town we know and have missed, and knowing that we are only one day away from the pacific... all's good in the world.DCIM100GOPROGOPR4674.karma tequilaDCIM100GOPROGOPR4650.carneDCIM100GOPROGOPR4666.

We park E in a safe parking lot next to the cuervo block and stay in a room right next to the zocalo.  From our window we can see when the best taco stand is warm and ready for us.  Delightful!

We spend our day between walking the street, admiring the architecture and liveliness of the of centro and stopping at the best looking taco stands.  At this point we are simply out of control obsessed with finding the best street food..and its never more than a block away (but of course, to be sure we have to eat at almost all of them before declaring one the best).  Luckily, here in tequila you can taste on just about every block as and hydration- a perfect combination.

We grow tired of the less-than-terrific tasting tequila options and head to Cuervo for a sample of the familia reserva.  We tasted this with friends on the way south but have been looking to compare it to our current favorites.  It's a pricey taste, but they fill a tasting glass for us, and little did we know- they'd be pulling it straight from the barrel.  What a great experience and the tequila is truly a sipping dream.  Rivals most bourbons...and coming from me that's a bold statement.DCIM100GOPROGOPR4657.bry tastejen reservaDCIM100GOPROGOPR4660.DCIM100GOPROGOPR4658.

We head back to our room for some rest and then out to the square again for dinner.  The host of our hotel stops us as we're leaving to let us taste the tequila he's had barreling just outside our door for the last 16 months- now that's service!  We walk the streets again, sitting to eat with groups of locals, listening to the music and marveling at how the art of community and togetherness is still alive and well in mexico.  I'm not sure how or when most of our communities lost it along the way...but hopefully the food cart revolution that is happening in portland will bring it back to the surface!

We had a great evening...this town never disappoints.  We fell in love the first time we visited, and our passion increases each time we visit.  It's remarkable in just about every way... if only it sat on the beach we'd likely never have left the first time, and certainly wouldn't be able to pull ourselves away this time. it turns out...the beach happens to be our next stop, and the one thing that could keep us from staying and sharing our host's tequila for another night.  or two...bird dog cuervo iglesia rrels