Ft Collins, CO

We've been living the plush life in Ft Collins for the last few days...sleeping in a big comfy bed and with a/c. The bus is parked in the driveway with a makeshift workshop setup in Brock and Kelly's backyard (certainly a more tidy workspace than we ever had working on the dirt road back in VAN).

Trying to get as much done as we can while we have use of tools and materials (and access to Brock's engineering genius), but the heat makes working midday tough. We probably should be seeking some professional help for our starting issues, etc but it seems like we can find a shop anywhere along the way as where a bed/workshop/tools is a bit harder to come by.
We get as much done during the day while BnK are at work as possible, knowing that the productivity will plummet once they return home and our focus changes to happy hour, grilling some dinner and watching the Olympics or playing catan.

We've gotten a lot checked off our list:
- rerouted the propane hoses for safety and easy access (we can now access the hose for the grill without having to crawl under the bus)
- installed the hidden "safe" and working on another hidden compartment for the MacBook
- bryan-proofed our cup holders. I've drawn blood several times on the sharp edges while trying to get in and out of the bus quickly (er, push-starting). Jen also added a bumper to prevent these from banging against the door while underway
- restructure/attach the solar setup
- wired in the fan (this need became clear on our 100degree day in Boise)
- finished the stove-side table

We are also revamping of our bug screens. This one is no easy feat...but Jen's focused and the first screen off the assembly line looks awesome.  We are having a great time and checking things rapidly off the list...but we are also eager and anxious to hit the road again.