Gallery Opening

We change our focus a bit.  The fact that our trailer had to sit and dry out before we tackle the water intrusion meant we had a free week to work on other projects before October's first friday and the gallery opening we committed to several months ago.  It also meant i could dive into other things and stop thinking about the wet spot on the side of the trailer.  Distraction therapy at its finest. Since starting at ADX and building our first table i've been working on a steadily growing set of sketches and ideas for new furniture pieces.  We have no space for any of these pieces in our tiny apartment, but that doesn't make designing or building them any less fun.   I decided on a few i thought i could tackle before the gallery opening and (after a quick morning of buying steel and picking through reclaimed lumber) got to work.

It's truly amazing the creativity that's pouring out of me right now.  It's almost like a decade of not having the time or energy to build is suddenly bursting out of the seams full throttle.  There's just not enough hours in the day to make, paint or draw the things that are spinning inside my head.

gallery1 gallery2furniture galley

Over the course of the next week of long days in the shop things came together pretty rapidly.  We were able to pull off with a chair, barstool, coffee and entryway tables (and of course pulled back out the island we had made back when we started).  Between the new furniture, the trailer, a collection of jen's art and a few of my paintings we pulled out of the basement it actually looked like a real show.

We've started posting our furniture and accessories onto an etsy shop called DangerMade as well, so if you know anyone in need of some modern industrial furniture to fill their home (or bar, or restaurant or shop...) point them in our direction.   Only a few pieces are live at the moment but the rest will be hitting in the coming days.  It's certainly not going to pay all our bills but it might just keep us making things!

and now...we rest.  okay, probably not, but maybe.

heartplanter grow planter 2