Garage sweet home

We've been formally living in the garage for about 2 weeks now...and we love it.  We're far from finished, although we made a big push this last week before jen's birthday so that we could actually host people here for the celebration.  For us, being able to entertain and host our friends is the first real sign that its a home.  It would of course be nice to actually shower here as well...but that's another story.cabinetstillyskylightbathnap We spent the last few weeks finishing the rough cabinet doors and building shelves inside the steel is welcome even for people without much "stuff".   Jen has glued up the first few door "faces" with the scrap wood we've been saving from the bin over the last few months.

We added a skylight to the bathroom and I put together the "bar" that will also spin out to serve as our dining room table when we have dinner guests.  Gluing up the top wasn't a problem, but figuring out the pivot point and radius/angle for the wheels was clearly above my pay grade.

I love the furniture making process.  Whether it be a stool or our enormous/heavy bar/table.  Picking through dirty, ragged reclaimed wood to find the right pieces and watching them slowly transform into something beautiful.  It never gets old.

reclaimedclamped stool2 face dogs bar

All that's left for us now is the details.  The furniture, the pops of color and artwork.  The things that will really make our space a home.  Jen's birthday party went of great last night.  The space fit 14 people perfectly and it was a great opportunity to clean everything and see it through fresh eyes.

This morning we hosted a tour  of people thinking of jumping into an ADU project of their own.  Talking through the process, the hurdles and the successes was a great reminder.  A fun walk down memory lane.  Its hard to believe it's only been 3 months since we started this process.

It's such a wonderful experiment this garage conversion has been... i designed everything in minute detail before we started; but much like life you simply don't know where the road will take you.  It looks very similar to our original plan, but we've learned so much along the way.  Things we thought would be easy created the largest headaches and things we expected difficulty from fell into place without issue.  These final stages are great because finishing touches are so completely gratifying.cleanopenprepbubbybry suzannegirls