Halloween in Nayarit

We are recovering nicely from el gripe and spend the day with jen doing yoga, stretching and strumming and me trying to finish a painting. The painting process is a bit frustrating as i cant find wood smooth enough to get the type of crisp lines and detail im used to, but like everything else in our trip it will simply press me to think outside the box...

Yumiko stops in during her lunch break and we decide to go to vallarta together to see the window guy she knows and then have dinner back at their place.  Jen and I pull both windows out of the bus to at least reduce the visibility to our infractions.  In the morning we head back to Dean and Yumis even slower than normal due to the strong gusts coming through our now open air windshield, Yumiko finishes her morning call and we all head on to Vallarta.  While the window shop cant do the job, they direct us to someone who can and we leave the frame behind and drive away taking bets on whether this will work out as planned.  Citing personal experience Dean is especially cynical , but we remain optimistic we may actually see our window today.  Not bad considering a few hours ago we were still contemplating shipping another window from the UK to the states and then finding someone to bring it to mexico!

After spending the better part of the day looking for halloween outfits and picking the boys up from school, we return to find a new (laminated safety glass) window perfectly fitted into our frame and cleaner than when we left it.  Perfect upgrade done day of, and well less than we expected to pay.  We will be returning to the shop later this week for an upgrade to the other window as well, and Dean is still waiting to see if the window self destructs in a few days.

We return home for spaghetti dinner and a night of piecing together costumes, and eventually conversation around the fire pit out back.  Definitely the first time sitting around a fire sounded even remotely possible...it must be beginning to cool off.

Saturday we attempt to watch the game but the sports bar cant pick it up.  We stream parts at home and then head out with Dean to a friend's house to prep for the big bucerias halloween fiesta.  Quick chance to meet the larger group of friends before heading out and then jen and i get to work painting up for the event.  We love halloween and we dont typically go small in term of costumes, but this year we opted to match our lifestyle and go for simple and cheap... nothing more than some facepaint, duct tape and crayons.  We had a great time getting ready with everyone and we finally walk over to the party (a massive celebration behind a beach house right in town) and craziness ensues.  Its a bit hard to wrap your brain around halloween when its hot and humid and your toes are in the sand, but we adapted quickly enough.  We certainly missed our group of friends and the halloween parties of old, but certainly didn't miss the rain and cold that usually accompanied them.

Our group definitely held their own and made 3 of the top 10 in the costume contest.  JP in his rubik's cube won out in the end...much deserved after spending the night trapped in a box.  We crash back at the friend's house and then wake up early to return to Dean and Yumikos and eventually back to our apartment for a slow remainder of the weekend.


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