Hasta Luego Baja

You have relaxed our minds and browned our bodies.
Some of your charming and delightful gifts we will continue to experience on mainland mexico.  We know not which ones.   

September: 1,100 miles, 1 countries/4states
Trip Total: 5,090 miles, 3 countries/14states


 So we blow you a sweet beso of love and appreciation for the many awesome things we have seen, and eaten and experienced.

A handful including:
Breathtaking sunrises, sunsets and stars
Calm serene aquamarine waters of the gulf
Coconut ice cream
Fresh fish ceviche with fish direct from the fisherman
Friendly and smiling bajaians
Jimador and Cazadores for half the price of home
Power waves of the lower east caps- we will be back to ride you someday
Buying carne right from a cowboy with a machete
Empty beaches and palapa camping- at times all alone
Fresh corn tortillas and queso fresca
Millions of yellow mariposas floating through the mountains and over the ocean
Sundays at the beach with mexican families and music
Mouthwatering chile rellenos and roadside tacos
Ever changing landscape, from cacti to mountains gigantes, to palm lined beaches and rain forests
The dive-bombing pelicans
and of course…
The laid back, slower-paced, tranquillo days that we longed for while we were city dwellers

 Your absolutely hot summer weather has made for some uncomfortable and sleepless nights and has us lazier during the days than we prefer.  The flying and biting insects have driven us a bit loco and your bumpy, backcountry roads has broken a couple of things of our beloved kombi,  but the following palabras come to mind to describe you:
Paradise, Tranquil, Blissful, Beautiful, Simple, Natural and Untouched.

And we will look back at our almost 6weeks on your peninsula with very fond and very sweet memories.
hasta luego baja!