Heroes vs Villains Power Struggle


One more thing to love about portland.    It's memorial day weekend and most of our friends are out of town.  Those still here are sick, so jen and i headed out looking for some fun.

What we stumbled upon was one of the truly unique events that make portland, well, portland.  As we walk into a bar we see 7or8 people dressed in villain costumes and inside are dozens more.


heroes and villainsWe ask a few questions and learn that it's the 6th annual alterego society's heroes/villains pubcrawl.  -Of course it is. We also learn that it's all for a good cause.  All money raised goes to support p:ear and their mission to mentor homeless youth.

We hurriedly finish our cocktail and run away.  Away to our own secret lair to pillage our bin of costume supplies (yes, this bin made the cut and is one of our few remaining bins of possessions, er- stuff...).

We don't really have anything in the bin that fit the theme perfectly, but we made do with what we had.  Under 20 minutes later and our inner villains joined the mayhem.  Maybe not the best idea we've ever had, but sometimes impulse is the best answer...and we're pretty much always in for a costume party! evil pleasebad kitty misogynist

fishbowldasterdly duoThe dastardly duo of Unbearable and Bad Kitty (and their trusty sidekick Bad-Service Dog) weren't exactly going to win any best dressed awards, but we fit right in and the villain group welcomed us with open arms.

A few fishbowl GnTs later (one too many) the entire crowd sets off in mass migration across the city en route to the next super-secret location and we find ourselves at a swanky karaoke club that we didn't even know existed.

You have to love any group of people willing to dress up like fools and embarrass themselves in public.  Our kind of peeps.

All in all, just another "normal" saturday in portland.... migration

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