Homer, AK

camping by the sea

We pulled into Homer, found the spit and again drove around until we found a nice spot staring out at the ocean.  No marina this time, just a spot to camp with only steps between us and the water. 

Luckily, that spot also had a picnic table behind us to shuck local oysters on and a small fire ring to host our continued conversations about this new crazy/insane idea (of buying a boat) that we have somehow already set into motion.

We talk about little else these days it seems. Sure, there’s still the topics of what we should do with our days, where we’re headed to after this town… but mostly now we’re talking about whether to buy this boat.  Is it the right boat?  How will we learn to sail?  How will we get to it in FL? What happens to our van and to our businesses?

But mostly these questions all come back to the large underlying question of if this is indeed the right thing or right time for us to be making another leap.  The answers so far are the same…and rather than backing out, it seems that we’re coming to the realization that while this may or may not be the right boat for us… that if this one falls through there will be another one right behind it. 

With every day that goes by, it appears more certain that this is the next leg of our path or the next phase of our journey!  Gulp.

We distracted ourselves from the waiting pretty well while in Homer, we spent our days staring at the ocean and the mountains beyond, we found time to design and get a tattoo for jen, we booked an amazing bear excursion that really nobody should visit Homer without doing and we spent time walking the spit and taking in the local hotspots.

It was truly an idyllic couple of days.  The weather would come and go, storms and rain would pass by but they always seemed to be followed directly by sunshine and the skies would clear to give us back our view our over the ocean.

We would maybe once a day pull away from our little camp to explore, but mostly we sat, we stared, we talked and we schemed... and what better use for a camp could there possibly be??