Jackson Hole, Round Two

so glad we waited...  We finally pried ourselves away from SunValley and our friends and headed back across the pass to Jackson.  We could see the storm in the forecast and were hoping to get across the pass and back to Jackson before the roads got bad.

Our timing was great and we had enough time to stop into our friend's favorite bar to catch the end of the game before heading straight for our preferred Jackson stealth spot and call it a night.  We woke to a thick layer of fresh powder and pointed the van for the mountain.

We had two fantastic days of riding at JacksonHole and couldn't have asked for better conditions.  A nice fresh layer of powder covering soft snow and almost nobody on the mountain.  We are really getting used to this mid-week riding with only the locals on the lifts!

We stopped just long enough for a quick lunch (tuna poke) among the snow and trees along a run, and then after our legs were spent (our days on the hill are getting longer as we get in better winter shape...but we still prefer a bit of riding mixed with a bit of exploring), we grabbed karma and walked around the village while snow continued to come down in a thick layer.

We stumbled upon the four seasons and couldn't resist some time lounging by the fires and relaxing in the outdoor hot tubs.  Purely glorious and just what our muscles needed after riding nonstop for several days in a row.

After our soak we headed back down to town and enjoyed a few of the best spots in town.  A delectable dinner at The Kitchen and then a drink and some pool at The Cowboy Bar, where jen ran the tables on me and apparently should have started playing for money (might have paid for the rest of our trip).

Our next day on the hill was even better.  Some of the best snow we've had on the trip, and other than a few times wandering off trail and having to avoid some cliffs (which are scattered throughout the resort), we had a simply terrific day.

Our only possible complaint would be missing what has to be a spectacular view of the tetons and surrounding mountains from the top of the mountain, but when low visibility is caused by the falling of more snow...its pretty hard to complain. ;)


With so much new snow on the ground the entire place felt like a park and we even found ourselves wandering into the real park...knowing that a soft landing could be found if... really, when needed.

We would have preferred not to leave Jackson again at all and stay for at least a week...but we have a narrow window to catch "framily" we adore in Denver before they leave, so we ripped ourselves away and headed south for Utah.