Lake House Birthday

so fun. so fun.   We finally drove away from Glacier NP...half wishing we had allotted enough days to use up our 7 day pass and half excited to get back to VAN for some volleyball.  Its so interesting this back and forth we keep playing with exploring wilderness and life with friends.  Both seem to make the other that much richer as we miss each during the phase focused on the other.

We chose not to drive back across washington, but turned north for canada and drove at least a third of the way through unchartered territory before pulling into osoyoos and thinking back to our trip through the okanagan a few weeks back.  We assumed we were going to have to sleep in a grocery store parking lot but remembered seeing a campground at the lake and drove down to check it out.  The sign out front clearly showed the campgroud as full, but another smaller sign pointed out that overflow was available.  Overflow?  Only in canada.  On the off chance that the campground is full, were going to provide extra spaces right on the lake for RVs (and sprinters, apparently) to park and still get to enjoy the area.  We did just that.


reflectSwam in the lake, fell asleep to the breeze, and got a wonderful sleep after a long day of driving.  Not sure what value comes with having one of the full blown camp spot, but we thought this was simply lovely.  In the morning e woke up and wandered back to vancity, just in time to meet the team for some volleyball on the beach.  Another perfectly timed trip!

We were only here for a few nights before returning to the states.  First to have our interview for our nexus cards (a must if your crossing the border as often as we seem to be doing these days), then a trip to costco to stock up and to the lake house we rented for us and a small group of friends to celebrate my birthday.

What do you want to do more than anything else on your big day everyone kept asking... Easy decision for me... Spend it relaxing and playing with some of my favorite people.  This beach house proved to be the perfect low key environment for 3 days of relaxation, fishing, lawn games, paddleboarding and maybe some wine and bourbon tasting followed by a bit of late night garage banding.IMG_0480IMG_0522 IMG_0507 IMG_0512

The group of awesome people melded together perfectly despite merging our two groups of friends (one from PDX and one from VAN), and Im not sure I would have changed a single thing.

The weather looked like it was going to rain for three straight days but instead we got great weather and spent almost every day by the lake and having a blast.  The water was still a bit cold for anything other than a quick sunrise/sunset dip, but the environment made for a perfect backdrop to our festivities and the neighbors around the lake were kind enough to put on a pretty epic fireworks show for us on the last night of our stay.

IMG_0529IMG_0587 IMG_0542 IMG_0546 IMG_0592