Last Night in Cerritos

We head back south of town and stop in to talk with Jaime at Pescadero Surf Camp.He gives us the royal tour including the story of the camps evolution from the only palapa on the hill when his family moved here 17 years ago to the multiple cabanas, casitas, full house and a BYOB swim up bar that it is now.  Jaime is also an independent realtor and gives us the lay of the land and possible investments from empty lots to fully operating hotel/restaurants and potential future BnBs in the region.  We can't help but stare slack jawed at the map showing each 1/2 acre lot around the bluff we've been calling home, and shutter at the visual of what this beach could become if each one sold off and built individually.
We check out South Cerritos and think about sleeping in the large arroyo in between, but decide if we are only here for one more night it may as well be back at our familiar grounds and head back to our spot hoping for another run in with our new peeps (after freeing ourselves from yet another almost stuckp-in-the-sand parking spot).

Back at the bluff, there are less interactions with guests from either resort, but we find ourselves in several deep conversations with locals (it is still the holiday weekend after all).  Jen is awesome as always at breaking the ice and showing enough ability in Spanish to continue more than a simple greeting.  Soon they are offering us beer as we talk in a simple mixture of both languages about the bus, our trip, their beautiful town and the arrival of all too many gringos (yes, we realize that we are among them).  They offer us another beer and some advice on the mainland, we offer them a taco and some tequila before parting ways.
In the evening, we see Kent and Lynn again for the end of the Denver game (somehow everyone currently at the surf colony is from Denver and a broncos fan), and again in the morning for another set of see-you-laters as they stock us with leftovers and we share a breakfast beer toast... so much for my plan to drink less beer.

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