leap. and the net will appear...

Well, its official.  we've finally done it.
gone off the deep end, lost it, completely insane...and it feels so right.

We finally made the leap. the decision to break the cycle, buck the status quo, change life as we know it.  at least for now...

Many of you know we have been planning this trip, or at least dreaming of it for some time- we just didn't know if it could happen, or when it would happen, or if we would actually make it happen.  we also aren't sure exactly what led us to this moment:
- realizing that the more we spend to try and free ourselves the more we end up "stuck"
- having a mountain of debt that doesn't get any better no matter how hard we work, save and throw money at it
- knowing that while being creative is probably the most important thing to me it's the one thing that never seems to make it on the list of things to do each day
- a strong desire to simply reinvent (or at least rediscover) ourselves
- the urge to run away from it all and explore/play before officially growing up and putting down roots
- a possible unwillingness to grow up at all?
- the influence of the bus, which seems to have magical powers over all who cross its path.  "slow down, explore, be free" its engine prrs out to us...
- too many rainy winters in the pacific northwest
- an increasing awareness that living today seems a lot less risky than planning for tomorrow
- all of the above, im sure.

Regardless, we are doing it. and were doing it now.
Walking away from steady jobs that pay well, amazing towns that we love and people that we adore; getting rid of what's left of our "stuff" and moving into our bus.  that's right, in a few weeks we will officially live in our bus.  a few weeks after that we will depart for what promises to be an epic journey south.

This journey currently has no plan, no destination (other than drive south in search of sun, sand and waves), no timeframe.  But those are all things we hope to find along the way.  those things, and ourselves.

We do know that much time will be spent in mexico and central america, and if we run out of things to see (but haven't yet run out of money) we will make the ferry ride to south america as well.  unlike many who set out to drive the panamerican highway we are less driven by the goal of reaching the southernmost point than by the goal of merely getting lost...but if tiera del fuego should happen to pass under our tires...than so be it.

here's to hoping, or proving, that all who wander are not lost.