Leaving is hard work

We are within a week of leaving BC and still realizing how difficult it will be to pull ourselves away from a town that we’ve grown to love and a group of people that are making a swift departure seem suddenly like a bad idea.
We are also realizing how difficult it is to get work done when you desperately want to spend every last minute with those around you. Saturday saw a volleyball tourney cancelled (despite the fact we ended up with beautiful weather) which should have led to us checking numerous projects off the list. It wasn’t quite that productive of a day but we did scratch a few off and then headed over to Chad and Jess’ for an amazing carb load feast and some deep conversation around the table.

Sunday led to us watching England v Italy in the Euro and then to pulling the bus into the sun to “work”. Work in this case meaning talking to whatever crowd gets drawn in by the bus and a bit of happy houring with Bailey. I did manage to get the grill up and running, but otherwise the to-do list remained unchanged.

Of special note in our daily visitors was Dr G, our chiropractor/healer here in VAN (he’s also currently finishing up a book “the thought that changed my life forever” that were excited to read on the road). At one point, I walk out of the house with ceasars in hand it looks like Jen and Bailey are being bonbarded by mexican paparazzi! A crowd is scattered on the steps, hill and sidewalk snapping photos, asking questions and tossing out ideas in spanish. As I get closer I get the quick introduction and backstory (they’re group of mexican students staying in VAN while on beak from university) we all talk while the group passes a paper around to write down everyone’s must-see list in mexico- complete with beaches, favorite eats, names of people we must contact and the offer of homes to stay in while there- Amazing. We also got everyone’s facebook info, so hopefully this isn’t the last we see of the group, either here in BC or on the road. Mucho Gusto!!

Monday we couldn't help but to try and continue the party/weekend.  As I'm no longer working (mostly), it was easy enough to get to Kits beach early enough to secure a court, and Jen moved the farewell party with her coworkers from the bar to the beach.  We soaked up the sun, played some volleyball and headed to Hapa afterwords for one last ishi yaki and for karma to say goodbye to her biggest fan.