looking back at 6 months on the road

Wow, time flies... We're half a month late on the release (thanks to the rally, breaking down on a belizean beach and the absence of wifi), but thought it was worth a synopsis post after our 6month mark and making through mainland mexico.

We have fully adapted (most days) to life on the road at this point and as we look back through the photos trying to pull the select few for a video it seems like a lifetime of memories.  We are so happy we decided to track those memories in a blog and it’s already fun to reread and remember the forgotten events of towns/beaches past.

We’ve reached a couple landmarks: - on the road for 6months/180days - driven  8,200miles/13,200kmmexico map (click map for a detailed/interactive version of our route and current location)

Since leaving the states we’ve been in the bus 131 nights: - 52 stealth camping/camping for free - 42 in our rented apartment/space (punta mita) - 33 paying for camping - 3 in a hotel - 1 on a ferry

We have also gotten a good perspective of our budget/cashflow: - Average $1530usd per month ($51/day) - We were pleasantly surprised to learn that we actually saved money while renting in punta mita rather than camping/driving (specially surprising since punta mita isn’t exactly a budget location.) - December was our highest month due to the increase in gas/tolls during the rally (when gas went from our lowest of 8% to almost 30% of our expenses)

- tows: 2 - awards/trophies: 2 - food poisonings: 2 - mechanic visits: 10 - times we were robbed: ZERO - bribes paid: ZERO -  locals that helped us along the way: COUNTLESS

[youtube width="650" height="400"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8KH5gSph3w[/youtube]