Los Barriles, Baja Sur

Since escaping the clutches of the east cape we have been holed up in an RV park, living the "good life".

We pulled into Los Barriles and East Cape RV Park before noon, chose one of the 40 empty spots and tucked under the shade of swaying palms.  We assumed we might be the only ones here given our track record, but later in the day saw movement and began meeting the few residents currently here.

The tough drive of the last few days combined with our growing urgency for a shower, laundry and internet really made this stop feel good.  Suddenly even the slightest of services (like say, a toilet) is a really welcome change...especially considering the fact that our stomachs are still "adjusting" to mexico.  You certainly wont hear us complaining because we are literally having the time of our lives, but things on the road aren't always exactly "easy".
Fun, yes
exciting, yes
but easy...not so much.  The extreme heat and bugs that we spend most of the day fighting/hiding from really begins to take its toll after a while, and our minds and bodies were craving a real shower, clean clothes...and the biggest perk of our current stop- a cool pool!

While we have felt moments of cooler weather in the last few days that give us hope of whats to come at month's end; its still in the high 90's all day and the humidity adds the final blow.  As i type it's 96degrees, and with humidity factored in it feels 108.  For this reason...we have spent 3/4 of the last 2 days in the pool.  Yes, we are still near the ocean...but it's a long block's walk from here.  We did try to  brave the heat and make the walk once during the day, but we got about as far as the park gate before turning heel and running back to the pool.  Hey...were not trying to win any bravery awards here; were just trying to make it til winter.

We first learned about Los Barriles from a duck fan who had talked the local bar (Smokey's Cantina) into hosting a tailgating party before the first game.  We were too far north to make it, but had promised that we would catch a game as we passed through.  We headed out our first night to check Smokeys out and to meet Gary for a drink and were pleasantly surprised to find the best margarita we've tasted in baja (outside of the bus anyway) and they were at Happy Hour prices.  4-7 every night the drinks are half off, which made these wonderfully stiff drinks 2.75.  Thank you, we will have a another!
Our next day in the park we started meeting the locals, both as they come for a dip in the pool, or as they ride past on their ATVs.  While most of the park's permanentes are fleeing the heat back north, there are a handful who either stuck around or came down early and they have been quite welcoming and entertaining.  We felt immediately welcomed by the entire group and between the invites to drinks, gifts of fresh caught mahimahi or a late-night jam session under the palapa...our social lives have been quite full as soon as its cool enough to climb out of the pool.  Between the local flora, the pool and the community... if we were at a point in our lives that we would consider moving into an rv park (or could afford one)...this is a solid option.

Our second stop in at Smokey's made us realize that good can actually get better.  Apparently, while we got the happy hour discount our first night...we are now immersed enough for the "local" happy hour price...ritas now just under $2.  If only the ducks game tomorrow night was during happy hour!

From here we are heading back to the beach and likely back to the east cape to surf for a few days (unless the tropical storm building offshore has other plans for us).  If we don't check in for a few days...assume that we are riding waves, not fighting banditos.