Makers gotta make...


Ive been pondering this a lot lately. Pondering, but apparently not writing so much.  It was recently pointed out that the blog hasn't exactly been updated with the frequency of old.  That likely has several reasons including the "normal" nature of our days and lack of inspiring photos, but the true problem is that there simply doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Our furniture gives us so much pleasure to design and create, and there seems to be some interest from a few others in us making a piece for them.  That would be awesome and we sometimes think about how amazing it would be if it became an income stream.  Making a living from something we already love doing- the impossible dream.  We posted our current items on craigslist for a few days but with no nibbles, so i think IF we decided to make a run at this we would need to put together a larger portfolio, a website and an Etsy store.  But for now we will keep making out of the mere drive to make, and eventually we might even have a room in our apartment fully furnished!car singingbbq

Daily now my head spins with projects and possibilities and ideas, from an idea for a painting to hand illustrated playing cards and furniture designs.  But the time to complete them all (or any of them)...this is a complete mystery to me.

I had a realization earlier this week as i tried to describe myself to someone at a bbq.  She was in school to be a tattoo artist (yes, in oregon that now requires an education. a very expensive education).  At one point i considered returning to portland for this.  To come back, apprentice under a tattoo artist and be able to draw -on people- for money. But the expense has that (at least temporarily) on hold.

I realized as talking with her and trying to describe myself that i've always cringed when saying im an artist or a painter (or certainly when answering the question with my occupation).  I have so much personal expectations and stress built into art specifically as a product, but it also seems so limiting.  I love to design and create all things and while it might have been a tremendous skillset hundreds of years ago...its a bit frowned upon these days.  DaVinci and Michealangelo were heralded for their ability to do all things well- now we simply label that affliction as "master at none".  Bummer. ceremony2 dan hair cutting shave

In this conversation i realized that i am so energized by the process of design and creating...whatever the thing is that im currently working on.  My new title, i've "maker".  Not a maker of any specific thing, only a maker.

A maker has to design, they have to have an image appear in their head and somehow make it become a reality.  It could be art, or an object for the home, a piece of furniture or a sign but at some point there has to be the making.

I am learning that it's at this point, the point of using my hands to make the thing that has been developing in my mind and on paper that lights me up and feeds my creative spirit.  The making is what fuels me, so for now i am a maker.  What i happen to be making, that simply depends on when we happen to be talking about it.dirty martinidr t

Ive spent the last week or so of unwritten blog time designing a teardrop trailer. What?  I know...but it somehow became our next/current project. And it is technically still making. =)

We stumbled upon an affordable mini cooper on craigslist and it became our vehicle while we are in town.  Between the ability to park anywhere, the excellent mileage and the outstanding resale value (since we could easily sell it in a few months) it seemed like a gimme.  It surpassed the novelty of driving a vespa (with a sidecar for karma) and even the temptation of a ural motorcycle (with a sidecar for karma) and it is our current mode of transportation.

We also have a strong drive to explore, to camp and to backpack- and sleeping in a mini is rather difficult.  So out of the blue the idea of a teardrop hit us, and as luck would have it we happen to be working in a community wood/metal shop with creative craftspeople that include a group of boat builders.  What better time to tackle an absurd project!

teardrop camper 3 teardrop camper 5

So there it was.  We take a break from furniture (unless a paying job comes along) for me to learn as much as i can about how to build a camper and design a small, lightweight and efficient model that we could make in a short timeframe and tow behind a mini cooper.  Seems simple enough.

And except for the countless hours of sleep i've already missed while researching every possible issue/connection/waterproof strategy etc...i think it might be.  Maybe not simple...but i think we might be able to pull this off.  i think.

So here it is, the design for our future teardrop camper, and below is the trailer we bought off of craigslist that will provide the foundation for said camper.  We are already working on modifying the frame to fit our design and shave off a few pounds.  The trailer is parked at ADX and with it, we are committed.

This idea just turned into reality.  After all...Makers gotta Make! teardrop camper1HF trailer