March Madness

Most of march is a blur...

I spent 2 weeks churning out a custom order of 8 table height stools.  Hadn't had plans for converting the barstool into a chair but it actually translated over okay.  Also picked up a nasty cold the second week, which made finishing our largest order to date on time a hassle, but we got them off to salt lake just under the deadline.table height stoolsbarstoolskarmaWhile the stools were underway we had a bit of yard/concrete work done back at the house.  Continued the retaining wall to help support the patio (meaning our hot tub has finally returned home!) and raised the rest of the wall to improve our street appearance a bit.

Now were back to detailing out the casa in between visiting with friends to watch march madness games (with two different friends having teams in the final four...that harder work than it might sound).  Jen's still laying up the reclaimed wood doors and the kitchen looks great as a result.  We're installing shelves and i've started work on our lofted bed, which will finally allow us to get our bed out of the living room!  Exciting stuff. reclaimed wood slatsretaining wall

concrete work patio


Even more exciting...we passed final inspection.  That's right, were LEGAL! Amazing sense of accomplishment and while we're a long way from "finished", it certainly was a big step in that direction.

So what will we do now to celebrate having an official home base? Travel of course. We bought flights in april to go visit the bus and see how it's holding up.  We also have friends planning a trip to new orleans so we figured why not...we'll just swing by there on the way.  Excellent excuse to push some last minute details on the place, and a chance for us to test out our place as a short term rental on airbnb.

We've already got someone staying for 10 days while we're gone, which covers most of our flight costs.  This hairbrained plan of ours might just work...nap by the firec-a-t-s