Masquerade night

What a night!  Our second annual Lulu Holiday party!   The party was at the commodore ballroom, only the most loved venue in vancouver, and the theme was masquerade.   Very intriguing.  Everyone was required to wear a mask to enter the party.  We were all over it!

There was word that there would be a mask contest with hockey tickets given to the winner, so Jen and I made our own masks in hopes of getting to a Canucks game.  We decided on our astrological signs....Jen a fish and i as a crab.  May have gone a bit over the top, but once again it was a chance to be creative combined with the chance of winning something cool.  Gets me every time.   Didn't I just promise not to do that again?

The masks actually turned out awesome!  But the winner chosen was someone else...someone with only a simple black plastic mask , however an elaborate costume.  The pisces and cancer were Jipped!!  Anyway, Fun night all the way around.  We spent our new crisp hundy on drinks, danced until the music stopped, and in festive danger style we were among the last handful to leave the party.

After leaving the magical commodore, walking down Granville St at 3am on a Friday night was an experience.  Quite a different scene from the sleepy laidback kitsilano neighborhood we live in.  We were stoked when we saw the magical words "chronic taco", and grabbed a couple burritos to go.  And as soon as we could find a taxi, we crossed over to the westside and back to our cozy bach.

Back at home, even Karma got in on the Masquerade fun...