Maya Rally, Day1

Our once peaceful campground has fully changed into a packed and energetic base station for the Maya Rally.  Last night most of the teams rolled in and a giant party ensued.  We enjoyed meeting everyone and stayed up all too late sipping Mezcal and moving from vehicle to vehicle.  Other than a runin between Sarah and our mirror things went pretty smoothly.  In the morning i got to work installing our new accelerator cable.  Not exactly the correct part for our year, but easy enough to piece together and far better than the bailing wire that was holding us together!

We were given advance notice of our first scavenger hunt item, and several teams set out on foot through Guanajuato in search of the Museum of Mummies.  A good chance for us to finally see the city in daylight and even a chance for Jen to get a slice of the elusive Pay de Queso (cheesecake) shes been craving for days.  The museum was macabre to say the least and was a combination of museum meets haunted house.  Apparently the graveyard in GTO requires paying taxes.  Stop paying for your family member and you get dug out and someone else gets your spot.  As if that's not rude enough, they then stick you behind glass in the museo for everyone to see.  Now that's a a good tax reminder.

We hop a cab back to camp just in time for everyone to gather and walk to our dinner destination where the plan is to present out the work our team has done over the last week, see some detail of Katie and Muskoka Foundation's other programs and finally get the rundown on Rally details.

After dinner we go through Rally team introductions.  Several pieces of good news here- The lada niva team got their parts today and will be able to make the rally start after all, and we peer pressured both Tad/Gaila and Nate/Sarah to join the Rally!  It will be fun to see them all along the way (assuming we keep up enough to do so).After a bit of a celebration a few of us walk back to the square hoping to check a few points off before leaving town.  We successfully found Antonio and scored some tripe tacos for points.  I think i was the only one of the group for whom this wasn't a first, but we enjoyed our tacos and moved on looking for other points.  Cant say we had a great deal of success past that so we loaded into a cab back to camp to research/chart our paths for tomorrow.