Midnight Fire Drill

Nothing Like a little mid-slumber excitement to spice up the parents visit... We were sleeping soundly in the bus when we both woke up to a fire alarm squealing through the night. We both sat up and tried figuring out if it was our building or one nearby. After realizing my parents were inside and either weren't hearing the alarm, or potentially don't know what it is (this may well be their first time in an apartment building, and an awesome intro to non-country living)...I decided I'd better head inside. Turns out mom was awake and watching the mayhem through the peephole...my father never hadn't a thing despite the bell being about 18' from where he was laying. Turned out to be a false alarm, and no harm done. Sadly, since our apartment manager doesn't answer phone calls we stood outside for well over an hour until the firemen decided they were frustrated enough to break the door down and turn off the alarm. If nothing else it was a good chance to test the nighttime settings on the new camera before heading back to bed in the bus.