Missing my other half

Jen was supposed to be home today...and a week go when she left that seemed impossibly long.  As it turns out she's had to extend the trip through the end of this week and we're both pretty bummed about it (by bummed i mean were both acting like whiney babies).Yes, i am aware that it shouldn't be a big deal.  We shouldn't exactly whine about the fact that we'll be apart for a week.  Life deals far more difficult blows.  We know.

Jen and i are typically inseparable.  We spent almost all our time together back when we had jobs to go to, but since our "leap" two years ago we haven't spent so much as a day apart (much less a night).  It may sound strange to most, but neither of us has much need for alone time or personal space when it comes to the other.  We truly enjoy one another and go and do everything as a single unit.  For us life's simply more fun that way.

pdxtiny box Other than quick trips to the grocery or to walk the dog, if it's being done were pretty much doing it together.  Our friends know not to invite us on a girls' night or a guys' trip unless they expect to (or at least are comfortable with) seeing both of us.  That's just how we live, and for us it works.  We honestly can't seem to get enough of one another, and i still cant think of anyone id rather be trapped in an elevator with even after all these years-  which is actually pretty great. I love that girl.

But the drawback may lie in our lack of preparation for trips such as this.  Yes, jen's gone for exactly the right reasons, and i'm stoked that she's gone to support her mom and help organize everything before the ceremony, but for us it still seems painful.

Softly telling her goodnight on the phone doesn't quite make up for not being able to kiss her lips and fall asleep next to her.  Something just doesn't fit when i wake up in the morning and don't have her there to wrap my arms and body around.  Don't get me wrong, we'll make it through.  We won't go looking for a tall building to jump off and we wont have to seek counseling for our permanent trauma...but let it be known that it just sucks a little.

I wont speak of it again. Maybe.robles