More from the Quarter

Another two days of quarter fest and we only wish the fest (and our trip) could last longer.  We "waste" each day wandering aimlessly along the beautiful streets of the french quarter, snapping photos of architecture and art and street performers, and stopping to listen to the stages setup around the city. What a perfect way to spend each day.  We hit a few shows with the fam at the large stages but spent far more time at the smaller venues scattered throughout the streets.  Hard to see a difference in the skill level between the headliners and everyone else.  Some of our favorite shows were actually groups of kids who gathered together behind a tip jar.  Many times the crowds were larger than at the stages!reflectionblow1leadjohn jen bryanphotobombfamily platter


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The street performers have also been out in force.  Truly amazing and even more reasons to shoot photos (as if i needed another!).  Everything from clever cardboard signs or dressing up just to get dollars for photos, to impressive talents abound.  Everyone seems to have their favorite and the streetscape wouldn't be the same without them.

I can honestly say that until today i've never seen a painter that painted through the brush of a marionette of her likeness.  Otherworldly to watch, and somehow the painting itself actually looks good enough to sell too!



When the sun goes down the streets change completely from slow moving musicfesters to a stampede down the middle of bourbon street.   The crowd flows like a river that you must move in and out of like merging on and off a highway.  Everyone walks under the neon looking for the next club, the next drink or at least for the next set of beads to fall from the balconies above.  The music is no less rich at night, although a bit more diverse and modern as the clubs open their doors and the acts belt out tunes to draw the masses in.

Occasionally one will captivate us enough to stop in for a set, others simply hold our attention for a moment at the door before we wander onward.  One stage we stayed at for hours mesmerized by the sheer talent in front of us and unable to walk away.  I guess when the guy headlining had the stage named after him it should have been a clue as to things to come.

We only pry ourselves away in between sets to satisfy our hunger for oysters before moving on to find the next gem.

bourbon st

angel moon2late saxirvin8 irvin10 irvin9

The fam left the quarter for their final evening so Jen and I set our to make sure we got our fill of all things NOLA.  It feels like we just landed, and like we have just begun to delve into what it has to offer us, but we also know we have to leave for costa rica at some point.  We promise ourselves we'll make it an early night to make our 6am flight easier to handle...but somehow we both know it will never happen.

We stay out enjoying the street and eventually head back to our room for some fun on the balcony.   Our hour and a half of sleep wont really make the flight easy...but no question it's worth it.  It would however be more attractive if our new favorite po boy shop was open early enough to grab one for our ride to the airport....

Goodbye for now 'nawlins.  We will dream of you while were gone, but you made us fall so deeply in love with you all over again that we'll be back sooner next time for certain!

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