More Pics of our Garage Conversion

Since we've had lots of requests for more pictures...  It's been a whirlwind of a few weeks.  We've been trying to get lots of little things done and make the place feel more like home.  Probably not a bad idea as the place is a bit industrial and could use some touches of home. Jen has been a machine with the reclaimed wood cabinet doors and they look amazing.  Hard to believe we almost talked ourselves out of them.  We got a local company to bend the steel vanity i designed and we finally got around to sealing up the bathroom walls.  That's right, we can officially say we showered in our new home!!

The island/bar is finally in place and i was able to get 3 barstools made before another order came in.  This order is for 8 table height stools - so i'll be busy on other things for a while rather than contuing with the details... but it's hard to say no to paying customers!

reclaimed wood doors

sliding doorshowersink

We've had a handful of people over the last week start walking up when the doors are open to ask us about the project.  Most think were opening a bar or restaurant and want to know when we open.

Most are just confused.  As if its not odd enough to move into one's garage i think weve also turned typical neighborhood living on end.  Our street is a major pedestrian and bike thoroughfare, but instead of hiding behind fences or retreating to the backyard we've chosen to spill out into the front and interact with neighbors and pedestrians as they walk by.

It feels more like we did when we were on the road, with far more interaction with those around us than you ever get sitting on a front porch or separated by a fence.  At the moment nighttime still feels a bit like we're living in a fishbowl, but once we focus enough to get some curtains up we can put an end to our little theatre show.

pedestrian open pano1 We also borrowed a camera to setup a bit of a photo shoot for the place.  It's a ways from what we would call done...we haven't even have our final inspection yet, but we wanted to get enough photos that we can list it on airbnb and possibly make a bit of money when we travel.

There's no time like the present - looks like our first trip  will be back to costa rica to visit the bus in april.  Luckily the place we've been storing it sent us a courtesy email alerting us that by the end of april the government can technically seize the vehicle and auction it off.  Not exactly the way we wanted to part with our we'll be heading south for a week or two instead.

Here is the current status of things: kitchenpano2loft bedbar tablehappy hourchefs viewpano3tell me...