Northern Oregon coast

Why not?   We've been spending a few nights a week in the van because our places are booked, so it only took a few seconds of discussion (after realizing portland was expected to be oddly hot) for us to decide to get out of town for the next 4 day period with all of our places booked.  If you're gonna sleep in an uninsulated van, you might as well do it somewhere cool and comfortable, right?  The income/chance to add back to our financial foundation is nice, but the in-your-face incentive/nudge to get out of town...priceless.

We loaded the van, which wasn't really any different than any other day we move from one of our places to another except maybe that I wired up the fan to keep us cool.  Small wins... and headed out of town.


DCIM100GOPROGOPR4689.IMG_8101IMG_8108IMG_8086Im realizing that one added advantage to the sprinter is that jen is comfortable driving it, which means I can be working while were on the road.  Before hours driving meant time behind the wheel and work had to be done when reaching whatever i can check off a few hours of design work en route and relax/play/enjoy upon our arrival.  Love it!

The next few days we spent driving on the beach, exploring each and every beach, costal town, park, viewpoint and vista as we headed south.  Many of these places we've been/seen before... some new to us, but the freedom of having no timeline and simply meandering our way down the coast was reminiscent of our days driving through mexico in the bus.

It's a nice feeling to be finally getting back to the pace we are striving finally be reaping the benefits of the last few years of projects and planning and prep and finding our (slow) stride once again.IMG_8158 IMG_8160 IMG_8155 IMG_8152 IMG_8142 IMG_8138 IMG_8131 IMG_8127 The landscape here is gorgeous and so available to us in a short period of time.  It's also amazing how rapidly it changes in the sequence of only a few short miles.  Each beach seems completely new and different than the one before it.   It keeps us hopping out of the van and gazing at new sites each and every time.  From still waters with seals sunning themselves on the pier, to rocky coastline and jagged cliffs, to the billowing sand dunes covered in flowing's all a feast for the eyes and all remarkably different than before.

These ever changing landscapes are a constant reminder to us that change is not only possible but completely natural.  A reminder to let the wind steer us off path and to be open to whatever new adventures that path brings us.  To be open to who and what we become in the process.  To be open to rediscovering ourselves each day in the same way we are excited to race down the path of discovering each new beach along the road.

There's so much beauty here in this portion of the world that it almost makes it easy for us to choose road travel over something further afield.  Some days we find ourselves discussing plane tickets to far away places (and sometimes we will book them), but we feel so lucky that there is ample exploring and traveling to do close to home...and some not so close, but still driving distance away.

At least for now...we intend to seek out and explore just about every square inch of it!!



Probably worth a quick note to whoever out there actually reads this blog (assuming someone does)... that I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping it up to date.  Between zenbox and some technical glitches i've been dropping the ball a bit of recent.

On the upside...i plan to be better, but also know that if youre starving to know where we are and what were doing- instagram tends to be updated more recently than blog.  You can find us at @thedangerz